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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a soft tissue biopsy that provides an in-depth window to your individual biochemistry at a cellular level. Blood analysis only provides a ‘snapshot’ of what is presently circulating that very moment. 

HTMA is an excellent method for assessing hidden deficiencies, heavy toxicity and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry before deeper imbalances set in. 

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You can analyse:

Minerals Health

Digestive Health

Adrenal Health

Thyroid Health

Heavy Metals Toxic status

Carbohydrate Tolerance level

Blood Sugar Imbalances

Deficiencies & Lifestyle Imbalances

Mental Health

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I have explored a lot of alternative mediums of healing and was fairly knowledgeable when I came across Sheetal. Even though I had tried multiple healing remedies, my health wasn't in a good place. Was going through hormonal imbalance, thyroid and PCOS, Fatigue, Acne, and persistent low energy. 


Over time as I interacted with Sheetal, I realised the depth and amount of inferences she has about each and every symptom and how it is all correlated. The big and little changes she patiently helped me inculcate in my daily routine in addition to the Nutraceuticals and Herbs she put me on have brought a complete turnaround in my state. 


After years, my acne has gone and I feel a gush of energy in me and my cycle has now stabilized. In my entire journey every time I faltered and fell back to my old patterns, Sheetal very patiently brought me back to track. And educated me gradually on how each of my upcoming symptoms appeared and what it was signifying. 


I feel so grateful to have encountered the right way to live and all the knowledge Sheetal has imparted me over time - I feel richer and more confident of leading a good life now.


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